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Catharsis - Machine Head

Catharsis refers to the process of releasing strong, suppressed emotions that are purged through art (like writing or music), a particular activity or an experience of an extreme change in one’s emotions, resulting in renewal and understanding the emotions better ( Cambridge Dictionary ) . ‘Catharsis’ is also the name of the ninth studio album and its title track by the American heavy metal band Machine Head. Despite being around for a good while and having led the way in the New wave of American heavy metal movement since the 1990s, for me the band was quite unfamiliar. I had previously only heard the name but couldn’t name any of their songs, or what genre they represent. When I first heard ‘Catharsis’ , I was coming home from my dance class and had just parked my car. I was about to turn the power off, when the song started playing on the local Radio Rock station. It caught my ear, partially because I hadn’t heard it played on the radio before and partially because it sounded inter