What's Manki?

Hi there and welcome to Manki!

My name is Maria and I'm a 26yo Finn. But what exactly is Manki, you ask? On this page, you can read some background information about this blog. 


1. Manki is a music blog, a project to push me into finding and listening to new music, broaden my awareness about different genres and learn about new bands and artists.

I get stuck to the same old songs and bands and suck at finding new music. If I hear a good song, I can listen to it literally for months on repeat. Perhaps it's not a bad thing but I wish to become a little less routined and discover more cool music.

2. Manki is a tool for personal growth, a way for me to work on my challenges, insecurities and limitations. It’s a platform for self-expression without limitations, and a safe, judgment-free place. It’s my catharsis.

I struggle with insecurity and low self-esteem which limit my self-expression. These struggles are realized in the context of music as well. Shortly said, it has been very difficult for me to share or talk about the music that I enjoy because I always thought I don't "know enough" and the things I like are somehow “wrong”. But I'm tired of my insecurity preventing me from being who I really am and doing what I enjoy. For me, music is a matter of passion and I feel like sharing these big emotions that music makes me feel is a well-needed form of self-care. By writing this blog I hope to gain confidence in expressing my opinions and learn to be less hard on myself.

3. Manki is a way to practice and improve my English skills.

I am an English major at university, aspiring to become a translator. Therefore, writing this blog is also good practice for my English writing skills and a nice counterbalance to acadmic writing!


My goal is simply to listen to lots of music and write about it. I want to actively find new stuff but also get back to my old favorites and give them a tribute by sharing my thoughts about them. Even though my heart beats for the heavier sounds, my taste in music is already diverse. I wish to keep it that way and therefore I don't have any restrictions as to what kind of music I will write about. The focus will be mostly on the metal/rock genres, but I am open for everything. Anything that tingles my musical nerves the right way will do!

This blog is solely a hobby of mine and I write for myself but I am more than happy if someone is interested in my ramblings. Feel free to drop a comment and give song/band recommendations!


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