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Project Regeneration Vol. 1 (album) - Static-X

Industrial metal is one of my favorite subgenres of metal and I can’t wait to look more into it during this blog journey. Considering how much I like the industrial sound, I’m ashamed to admit for how little while I’ve been into Static-X, a great industrial metal band from the States. I’ve known the band’s existence for a while, but only recently really got into listening to them.   Indeed, Static-X has been around from the mid-’90s but ended breaking up in 2013, following the death of the frontman and lead vocalist Wayne Static in 2014. Some years after, the remaining original band members got together for a reunion and plans for new music. And boom, after 11 years of silence, Static-X released a new album in the summer last year. The new album, Project Regeneration Vol. 1 is a tribute to Wayne Static, including some unreleased recordings of his vocals that didn’t make to the band’s previous albums. In addition, the role of the lead vocalist has been taken on by a mystery man behind a

Sirppi - Ruusut

A little shorter review this time: As much of a metalhead I am, I’m also really into electronic music, preferably anything that I can dance to haha. That’s why this song 'Sirppi' by the Finnish electropop group Ruusut caught my ear when I heard it on the radio a while ago. I don’t follow the Finnish music scene that much, which is why this indie band was unfamiliar to me even though they have been on the rise over the past couple years. There are many interesting layers in the song. These layers create a sound environment that make me feel as if I’m entering some sort of a fantasy world. The main verses are sung by the female singer and have an interestingly complex harmony (at least to my ear) which is super cool and contributes to this overall surrealistic feeling of the song. At first, I was going to say that the chorus, on the contrary, has no harmony to it but now that I have the song on repeat as I’m writing, I have to say that I heard wrong! There indeed is a subtle ha