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Spiritual Architecture - Ashbringer

  I foud this gem in my Spotify suggestions. Almost 10 minutes of instrumental greatness, the song is filled up with emotion and musical talent. Being a pianist myself, I especially enjoyed the super pretty piano melody that was the driving force throughout the whole piece. Also the varying sound environments from the more electric vibes of the beginning to the more rougher part in the end were something that really caught my ear with this one. In the previous post I wrote about a certain songs that have something very emotion-provoking to them. Spiritual Architecture definitely falls into that category. You just get this weird emotional feeling when you sit on your bed and blast these type of songs on full volume through headphones, and just let the music flow through you, giving you major goosebumps. My listening experience with this song was similar to what I had hearing one of the greatest masterpieces in the world, Time By Wintersun (which deserves its own post at some point). T